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Laser Hair Removal for All Skin Types

Today, there are countless products on the market that are dedicated to helping people remove their unwanted hair. People turn to razors, waxing, threading, creams, and medication. But while many of these methods and products are effective, the hair always grows back. Removing unwanted hair can become an unending and expensive task. 

Laser hair removal is an option that many people consider when they are tired of having to spend time and money every week shaving or waxing. Our laser hair removal services at Aspire Aesthetics can be a good way to achieve permanent hair removal for any area of your body where you have unwanted hair. We offer several different platforms that allow us to treat individuals with many different hair and skin types.

What Is BBL® Hair Removal? 

BBL hair removal by Sciton is a specific type of treatment that can be used for many different applications. It is technically a light treatment rather than a laser treatment because it uses many different wavelengths of light instead of just one. BBL, or broadband light, is used to remove hair by targeting the hair follicles. BBL treatments are more powerful than other types of light treatment and can often provide better results for a wider range of patients. 

BBL is highly customizable which makes it ideal for treating many different areas. It can be used on the face, legs, underarms, arms, bikini line, chest, back, and other areas where you may have unwanted hair. Sciton BBL devices feature motion technology which allows for greater coverage, better results, more patient comfort, and fewer missed spots. It also makes the treatment safer for individuals with darker skin tones.   

Why We Love BBL Treatments for Hair Removal

Increased Comfort During Treatment

One of the benefits of BBL treatments is that it tends to be much more comfortable than other types of laser or light treatments while remaining effective. While some treatments can come with a sharp snapping sensation, BBL treatments are less painful. You may feel a warm sensation or a mild stinging sensation that is typically very well tolerated. We also use a cooling gel to help make it even more comfortable. 

Increased Candidates for Treatment

Using BBL, we can treat a wider range of patients. Rather than only being able to treat patients with pale skin and dark hair, we can customize our treatment to help patients with darker skin tones. 

Can Treat Many Different Areas

Our BBL devices come with different handpieces that allow us to treat many different areas. In larger areas, we can use a larger handpiece that will shorten treatment time. We can switch to different handpieces for areas that are smaller or more difficult to navigate. 

No Downtime After Treatments

BBL treatments are non-ablative which means that you won’t have long downtimes after your treatment. Most individuals can plan on returning to their normal activities immediately after the treatment. Some redness may occur which can feel and look similar to a mild sunburn. This fades quickly and visible areas can be covered with makeup if desired. 

Can Also Offer Other Benefits for the Skin

BBL treatments can have an overall skin-improving effect on treatment areas. In addition to treating unwanted hair, BBL can also be used to treat loose skin and dark marks. It can improve collagen production in the treatment area and help reverse signs of aging. 

How Long Does Hair Removal Last? 

BBL treatments offer long-lasting results. While some hair can remain in the area, this is more likely because the follicle has not yet been treated. Because hair follicles can only be treated by BBL when they are in the active growth phase, several treatments are needed to be able to target all of the hair in the treatment area. BBL hair removal is considered a permanent hair removal treatment, but you may need between 6-9 treatments to see full results. 

Should You Consider Laser Hair Removal? 

Laser hair removal can be the perfect solution for individuals who want to eliminate shaving or other hair removal techniques from their weekly routine. Because our laser hair removal treatments aren’t as restrictive as other treatments and because we offer several different options, it expands the number of people who are good candidates for these treatments. If you are interested in permanent hair removal and you also want to enjoy skin rejuvenation benefits, you can consider scheduling a consultation for laser hair removal services. 

Hair Removal Treatment Options

We have several different options to choose from when it comes to permanent hair removal. The platform and treatment that we use will depend on your skin type and your hair removal goals. We use the following BBL systems: 

  • Sciton Forever BARE BBL: Designed with hair removal in mind, the Sciton Forever Bare BBL platform can target hair while protecting the surrounding skin. 
  • Sciton Forever Young BBL: Known as the gold standard in light treatments, the Sciton Forever Young BBL platform can transform your skin while also removing unwanted hair. 
  • Cartessa Subnovii™ Plasma Pen: Another option that we offer in our clinic for hair removal is the Cartessa Subnovii Plasma Pen. This device can remove unwanted hair by delivering plasma energy to each hair follicle. 

Removing Unwanted Body Hair in Hendersonville, TN

At Aspire Aesthetics, we love when we can simplify our patients’ daily routines by checking one thing off their lists. When you invest in laser hair removal services, you can get rid of your razor for good. To schedule a consultation for laser hair removal in Hendersonville, TN, get in touch with us today.

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