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Vampire Face Lift

At Aspire Aesthetics in Hendersonville, TN, we offer a unique, regenerative treatment called the Vampire Breast Lift. This minimally invasive aesthetic treatment helps lift, tighten, and restore volume to the breasts without using any surgical techniques. It is the perfect treatment for who want to achieve their aesthetic goals without undergoing an invasive surgical procedure to do so.

The Vampire Breast Lift

The Vampire Breast Lift is an aesthetic treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma to improve the aesthetics of the breasts. It addresses skin laxity, aging skin, and reduced volume by restoring natural volume and tightening the skin through a process called collagen induction therapy.

The Vampire Breast Lift vs. the Surgical Breast Lift

The Vampire Breast Lift and the surgical breast lift are two very different treatments. The surgical breast lift uses incisions and surgical techniques to improve the aesthetics of the breasts. It involves excision to remove excess tissue so the breasts can be lifted higher and attached to the chest wall. A surgical breast lift is often performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation and always requires downtime and a recovery period.

The Vampire Breast Lift, however, is a minimally invasive natural treatment that doesn’t require surgery or incisions. It uses PRP injections to improve the health of the skin of the breasts and, in doing so, improves their appearance. It also adds natural volume to the area by forcing the body to produce new collagen to lift and plump the skin. There’s no downtime and no lengthy recovery.

What It Does

This treatment can help improve the health of the breast tissue and, in doing so, enhance the appearance. PRP injections promote collagen and elastin growth, adding volume to the area and tightening the skin. The treatment can also help promote cellular regeneration, which will help smooth any lines or wrinkles in the area. By increasing collagen and elastin production, the treatment can lift the breasts, make them appear fuller, and improve the health of the skin.

The Benefits of the Treatment

It’s Non-Surgical

One of the primary benefits of this natural breast lift is that it doesn’t require surgery. You will be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment, won’t have to take time off of work, and can resume most of your daily activities as soon as it’s over. You won’t have to deal with painful incisions, restricted activities, or post-treatment pain.

Results Are Gradual

The treatment uses PRP injections to stimulate collagen production, but collagen production takes time. After a collagen induction therapy treatment like this, it can take up to 12 weeks for the body to produce new collagen within the skin. However, most patients see results sooner, typically within a few weeks of undergoing treatment.

It Delivers Long-Lasting Results

After you undergo this treatment, you’ll get to enjoy lasting results. You’ll be able to enjoy tighter skin and fuller breasts for two years or longer. You won’t have to schedule monthly maintenance treatments to maintain your results, but instead, you can enjoy long-term results.

How It Works

Like all of our Vampire treatments, this unique version of the breast lift begins with a blood draw. The blood draw enables us to obtain the PRP, the part of your blood it contains the growth factors and platelets. PRP is what will help increase collagen production after injections and smooth, lift, and tighten the skin.

Once we perform the blood draw, we can prepare the injections. We use a device called a centrifuge that spins the blood in a multi-directional fashion to separate PRP from the blood. The PRP rises to the top and, contrary to what many may think, has a golden color, not red.

Preparing and Administering Your Injections

Before administering the injectables, we will cleanse your skin and may apply a topical numbing solution upon request. The injections are quick and virtually painless, but your comfort is our top priority. We will administer your PRP into some strategic areas of the breasts, and then your treatment will be complete and you can return home.

When To Expect Results

You’ll see the most visible and drastic results from your treatment within the first two to three months. The skin will appear tighter, your breasts will appear fuller, and they will have a more lifted appearance. You can expect your results to last two years or longer, and if you start to see additional signs of aging appear in the area post-treatment, you can schedule a maintenance appointment to inject more PRP into the area to maintain results.

Who Is a Candidate?

Women who want to enhance the appearance of their breasts and improve the health of the tissue make good candidates for the Vampire Breast Lift. Some patients will not qualify for treatment, including pregnant or nursing women or women who have had or are at risk of breast cancer. We perform pre-treatment consultations before scheduling appointments to ensure that the treatment is a good fit for our patients.

It’s important that patients have realistic expectations about the treatment. While this treatment is an alternative to a surgical breast lift, it will not replicate the exact results. It does not remove excess skin or reposition the breasts on the chest wall. It does, however, deliver subtle fullness and tighten the skin, resulting in a lifted appearance.

Enhance Your Breasts With a Natural, Non-Surgical Treatment

If you’ve undergone treatments to perfect your complexion but haven’t taken the time to invest in a treatment that can improve the appearance of your breasts, this is the perfect option. It’s natural, non-surgical, and has no negative side effects. It will improve the health and appearance of the breast tissue. Contact us today at Aspire Aesthetics in Hendersonville, TN, to schedule your consultation. 

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